My Phunkster

Phunk - Future Hits & Rarities AIR FRANCE Radio Playlist#48 13/05/2016

01Apes & Horse - Fugitive
02Alpes - Be Together
03Shen Jing Mo Shao - Wonder Room
04Julia Jean-Baptise - Incendie
05Irina R - Sailor
06Leyla McCalla - A Day For The Hunter, A Day for The Prey
07Yelli Yelli - One Skin Apart feat. Piers Faccini
08Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini - Heaven\'s Gate
09Tulegur - The Morning
10Pierre Porte - Love Is All
11Parcels - Herefore
12MOTHXR - Easy
13Autolux - Soft Scene
14Minus 8 & Fabienne - Walking Alone
15Francis Lai - Young Freedom
16Les Fils Du Calvaire - Gin Fizz
17Sebastien Casanova - Cloudy Others
18Bärtaub - Rhizome EP
19Cheaper Shepherd - Eurovision
20Henry L - Gemini (S3A Remix)
21The Groove Brothers - Everybody Get Down
22Dani Siciliano - I\'m the Question
23Piers Facing & JAW - Traitor Creator (S3A Remix)
24Robert Babicz - Cats In Space
25Perseus Traxx - Regretting Transparency
26Antigone - Convection

Être à la pointe des tendances musicales en voyageant, c'est possible.

AIR FRANCE nous a proposé en 2008 un canal radio intitulé "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" sur les vols longs courrier...

Planant aux quatre coins du globe, vous pouvez ainsi savourer notre sélection bimestrielle de 2h, entre tendances à venir et pépites rares, entre pop futuriste et musique de danse mentale.

Programmation de Juillet-Août à bord des avions.


Travelling in (musical) edginess is possible.

AIR FRANCE offered us in 2008 an onboard radio channel entitled "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" on long-haul flights...

Gliding around the globe, one can taste our bimestrial selection of forthcoming musical air-du-temps, 2 hours of futuristic indie and mental dancefloor peppered with occasional unsung classics and rarities.

Below our July-August playlist on long-haul Flights.