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Forecast label announces new vinyl EP "Holysheep" by Cheaper Shepherd to be released on November 20th. Samples, drum machines and old school keyboards: a straigth-to-the-point house EP. Cheaper Shepherd is a duo of producers born in the 15th borough of Paris. Drived by their love of synthetizers and other analogic machines, they've been working in electronic music for years. In addition to their own projects, they have produced several hip-hop, house and techno projects: Timä, Androma (Savoir Faire), La Direction, DudMode, Peterbär... Their first EP Origin came out on HelpMe Records early 2013, followed by three other EPs, released on their own label Baldwin Records among others. They joined the booking roster of forecast label in 2012, and will release on vinyl their first EP for the label on 20th of November. This projects appears as the fulfillment of a collaboration that has allowed them to go on tour in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and St Malo) but also in China. In 2015, they also went to the US to record with Cans. The project was originally an EP ofive songs, but the chemistry was such that it has turned into a 17 tracks album that will be released in 2016, between old school hip hop, house music and trap...

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